4th Annual Angel Express

The 4th Annual Angel Express

Delivers Happiness to over 70 Children

We want to thank all of our Angels for your generosity.  Because of your caring and commitment, we were able to make the Holiday Season brighter for over 70 children from Family Promise, AVDA (Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse) and the Best Foot Forward Foundation.

 Congratulations on earning your Angel wings this year.  And, we look forward to your participation again in 2017!

Get on board The 4th Annual Angel Express 2016 and bring some holiday cheer to deserving kids!!!

The Angel Express will fulfill the holiday season wishes of children from organizations that UUFBR supports throughout the year, Family Promise, AVDA (Aid to Victims of Domestic Abuse) and our newest partner, Best Foot Forward.

The Angel Express is a wonderfully personal way to bring love and caring to deserving children who otherwise might not be remembered at the Holiday Season.

The process is simple:

  • Our Angels (participating members of UUFBR and others) will choose an Angel Express Card from the display station in Osias Hall, starting Sunday, November 20th.
  • Each card will provide personal information about a child including: Boy/Girl, Age, Size, Wished for Toy and Requested piece(s) of clothing.
  • You, our Angel, will provide your name and phone number on a detachable card, put it in the Depot box, and commit to take care of your chosen child’s requests.
  • Before or by Sunday, December 4th at the latest, you will return the unwrapped gifts to a designated place in Osias Hall, by the Angel Express Train or to the UUFBR admin office, along with the associated Angel Express Card.
  • There will be a “wrap” party on Sunday, December 11th for the Family Promise gifts.
  • The UUFBR Angel Express team will insure that the gifts are distributed to AVDA, for them to put in their Holiday store, so families can select gifts for their children.
  • We will also deliver the wrapped gifts to Family Promise, for them to arrange pick up by the families.

This year, we are excited to announce that The Angel Express is partnering with Best Foot Forward, an organization that empowers foster care youth to maximize their potential by providing essential academic support and guidance.

We are going to support the BF ELF program, which enables foster care children to experience the joy of giving gifts.  You can read more about the program at the Best Foot Forward home page, in the middle.

Our Angel Express process will be a little different for BFF. Instead of physically buying gifts to bring into UUFBR as we are doing for AVDA and Family Promise, we will be going on-line to Amazon; where the BFF Wish List items are listed, and buying them.  The gifts will be mailed directly to BFF. It works just like a gift registry, so once the gift is purchased, it will no longer show on the list… so anything you see is still waiting and available for you to buy!

You will still need to take an ‘Angel Express Card’ –  which is marked BFF, and complete the stub with you name and number (or email Karen at kscorbin@comcast.net, to let her know you are going to purchase gifts for the BF Elf Program)

The gifts will need to be purchased no later than December 2nd.  If you have an Amazon Prime account, please do the free two-day shipping AND use AmazonSmile while you shop to support UUFBR in the process (Go to the UUFBR ‘When you Shop’ page for more details).

Best Foot Forward Foundation

Best Foot Forward Foundation

We hope you will want to join us on this rewarding and fun ride on The Angel Express!
If you have any questions, please contact admin@uufbr.org